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Welcome! to H-Synergy, a software tool for housing professionals and consumers, which assist in helping access housing assistance, grants, subsidies, affordable housing developers, real estate agents, lenders, HUD certified counseling agencies and much more…  Additionally, H-synergy is designed to create a streamline process, which allows housing professionals such as developers, mortgage consultants, housing counselors, and real estate agents to receive referrals based on a consumer’s interest in their needs and expertise.  Take a moment and follow our journey on Facebook, and Follow mwhsynergy on Twitter.

For many individuals that are starting the home ownership process, it is important to keep in mind the length of iPhone Applicationsprocess and each part that make the whole.  Therefore, we suggest that most individuals should review their credit report at Annual Credit Report, and we have provided you with a quick flowchart to understanding an: Affordable Housing – Timeline.  COMING SOON! over the next few months our iphone application for H-synergy will be launched… GET READY!

Our mission is to give housing professionals and home buyers the ability to access real-time housing resources, while providing a streamline process and assist with the following:

  • Total amount of eligible housing assistance: grants, subsidies, etc…
  • List of affordable housing developers, real estate agents, and mortgage consultants
  • Access to local schools and HUD certified counseling agencies
  • Streamline referral system for housing professionals
  • Property search and mortgage calculation tool
  • Mortgage financing structure assistance, and more…

In just a few minutes and by following our three-step process, you will be provided with a  list of resources, which can guide you through a home ownership process.

Step   Step   Step  
Step 1 Interview Step 2 Find a Home Step 3 Resources
Step 1Mortgage calculator
Amoritization schedule
Step 2MLS property search
Housing resources software
Step 3Customized resources available
Email referral notifications

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